Thursday, 2 March 2017

Breaking Bad

As promised last time, here is a card that is a little bit different

I decided to go down the 'themed' route for AJ's birthday card

Boys cards are so hard, but when they have grown out of dinosaurs, tractors and cars, the task of a handmade card gets even trickier

This 17 year old loves Breaking Bad, he's watched the entire show 3 times over, every episode of every season, three times

So there was no doubt in my mind that Walter White had to make an appearance

I got the idea of a 'pop and twist' card from my lovely and very talented friend Linda, you can see hers on her blog HERE, along with lots of other gorgeous cards

I found a tutorial online and then altered the measurements to make a larger, square card

You open the card as normal and then the little mechanism inside twists and pops open a little book, plenty of room for extra images, quotes, verses etc

All the images are downloaded from google and printed out

AJ said he "absolutely loved " his card, so job well done methinks,  I will have to do a lot of thinking about next year though !

I have a couple more cards to share over the next few days then I will have some christmas cards to share ( scouts honour Jan xxx)

Love and chemistry



  1. Fantastic card Tracey, no wonder he loved this card!, yet to make one myself, love the images used.
    Hugs Pam x

  2. Hi Tracey
    super card - I really like the pop and twist style, I've made 2 now under instruction. Yet to fly solo. What a great set of images for a man's card. I especially like the most stylised one on the cover.
    Good job you warned me about the Christmas cards - now I've got to get busy 😉

  3. Fabulous card, pleased you managed to follow the tutorial ok. Thank you for the link. I have made four of these types of cards now, I think they are a great design. xx


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