Monday, 11 September 2017

Bryan Adams at Eden

One of the highlights of this summer has definitely been our trip to Eden to see Bryan Adams

Neil won the tickets in a competition. Worth over £250.00 they also included a four course meal, champagne reception, nibbles and drinks after the concert and a goodie bag each to take home with us

Unbeknown to me, Neil had also been in touch with Bryan's tour manager and arranged back stage passes so we could meet the man himself

Eden's function room looked stunning

All the tables were adorned with these spectacular centrepieces, hollow glass skulls artfully displaying stunning exotic blooms

Our meals were so beautiful to look at and utterly delish

We enjoyed a tomato salad and asparagus starter
Mango sorbet
Mediterranean tomato rissotto
Grilled banana dessert ( scoffed down before I remembered to take a photo)

We both ate the same and our vegan tastes were catered to perfectly

We were allowed backstage anytime we wanted and caught a few moments with Bryan before the show, he was an absolute gent, very soft spoken with his trademark husky Canadian drawl

He was much smaller than I imagined he would be, I felt like a giant next to him ( thank goodness I didn't put my towering heels on)

We wanted to see the show from the front of the stage so joined the crowd and spent over two hours singing along to all the classics, what a showman

The band were fantastic, Bryan's voice is one of the best I have heard live and I would definitely put this gig in my top five of all time

Thankyou Eden for an absolutely fabulous night, the gig, the food, the staff and the venue were all faultless


Sunday, 10 September 2017


Neil and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary back in May

I wanted to make him a keepsake rather than a card, so crafted this little exploding box

When the lid is removed three layers of pages flop outwards

Each of the pages is embellished with a pocket, in which to hold tags

I made 25 tags in total and wrote on each of them a little message

25 tags

25 years married

25 reasons why I love him

There are many more

We decided to spend the day together pottering around Padstow

Loved this doggie made from wellie boots

We headed to the harbour first then meandered around the tiny streets

We stopped at Rick Stein's for lunch. I love Rick Stein, have watched most of his shows and was looking forward to the experience

Sorry Rick, we have enjoyed better fish and chips in Grimsby ! It wasn't awful but it wasn't the best we have had either, and, for the price, I would have like to have eaten from proper plates rather than the cardboard it was served in

We then drove a short distance to Port Isaac

We really liked it here, it was still off season so not too busy

We don't watch Doc Martin so didn't partake in the hunting down of all the sites from the TV series but we did enjoy it for the picturesque fishing village it is

After a quick wander round the shops at Wadebridge we headed back home for an Italian meal

Neil asked me if I would do it all over again (meaning marry him) and I said yes I would

He then presented me with a stunning new wedding band

(see - he's definitely a keeper)

We spent the evening with our lovely friends Sue and Paul at Fowey and discovered a fab local band Assassins of Silence

We had decided at the beginning of the year to celebrate our anniversary this year with music, we both love mostly the same kind of thing so choosing gigs we would both enjoy was a breeze

That is a whole other blog post though as this one is getting rather long, so I will leave our gigging adventures til next time


Saturday, 9 September 2017


We are oftentimes asked what we do to fill our time now we are retired 

In truth -  I have no idea. Ask any retiree and they will generally tell you the same - they can't fathom how they managed to fit work in !

One of our favourite ways to pass an hour or two is to explore our beautiful county and to do so with the dogs is an added treat

The world is always so interesting through the eyes and nose of a dog, we can learn a lot from their enthusiasm to explore and examine every little detail of a place

Our four legged friends find genuine pleasure in just 'being' somewhere new. They are not distracted by cell phones, time limits, protocol, what's cool and happening

Much the same as small children they can be mesmerised by the simple things in life, the ebb and flow of the tide, the peculiar sideways crawl of a crab or the enchanting twinkling of seaside treasures half buried in the sand, waiting to be released and played with, nudged with noses, padded by paws

Oh to see the unspoilt joys of the world from an innocent

Come on dad, give up with the camera, throw the ball now pleeeeeeease

Bruce has perfected the head tilted, floppy eared look of a dog begging to play, heartstrings firmly being pulled

Molly practising yoga among the seaweed, down dog - beach style

Bruce will always bring the ball back and wait patiently for the next toss, nothing will distract him, his mission is to retrieve and return

Molly on the other hand will run around randomly, ball in mouth seemingly oblivious to everyone and everything. She has been known to get more than one object in her mouth at the same time, ie not drop a ball to pick another one up, she sometimes even manages a ball and a stick !

And of course we can't forget our other little furry friend

What has Sox been up to this summer ?

Yes this cat can sleep anywhere and anyhow, utterly unbothered by the presence of two large clumsy canines. We had reservations when we first brought her home, terrified her tiny frame and placid nature would be no match for the huge personalities of the dogs

We need not have worried

Sox rules !

We also had an unexpected sleepover with this little cutie Tilly

Rob finished his shift last week to find Tilly in the beer garden, without any sign of an owner

We tried to find where she was from, but, had no success, so we brought her home for the night to keep her safe from the roads etc

She loved our dogs ( didn't quite know what to make of Sox) and was as good as gold.

 Happily she was reunited with her owner the following morning

Secretly Rob was a little sad to see her go, I think he would have quite happily kept her


Friday, 8 September 2017

Crafting Update

I have not been quite so prolific with my crafting as I used to be, but the upside is now I craft when I want to and not when I have to

I have quite a mixed bag of cards here, dating back to Easter, so please excuse the random selection

A bi-fold, envelope style birthday card

The Easter cards I made, to send to family and friends

All the same but different, same design, different colours

Amy's Easter card was totally different as I wanted to put a bunny on hers

Another birthday card

My lovely dad's fathers day card

And my mum's birthday card, another bi-fold design with fancy edges

Lots of space inside this design for a verse

There have been a couple more too but I did not remember to photograph those ( naughty blogger )

Until next time


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Still here


We are still here, although you would be forgiven for thinking we had fallen off the planet

FIVE months on from my last post, much has happened and not much has happened if you know what I mean

In a nutshell

*      We have been up country to visit family
*       Friends and family have been here to visit us (Mum and Dad, Tony and Carol, Kev and Jackie)
*      We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary
*      Amy and Robbie finished uni
*      All three 'children' are now working
*      Amy has had a tonsillectomy
*      Robbie is learning to drive and has his first car

Some of these events will be blogged in more detail later. I have just finished editing all the photos from the last five months, 700 photos, two hours and three coffees later I have decided there is far too much to wade through in one blog post

And in other news

We had an unexpected little windfall, so bought ourselves this fab little campervan, we have been away in it a couple of times already and are planning our first trip away with the dogs soon

The dogs have had a wonderful time in the woods, on walks and especially on the beach

We have had some gorgeous days out, exploring our stunning county, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with friends or family and often with the dogs

I gave up trying to cover the grey and have been gradually adding more and more highlights, I am really happy with the results and my hairdresser is fantastic, Paige has the patience of a saint with my stubborn hair

We have also had some amazing days/nights out, we have enjoyed some fantastic gigs this year, local and further afield, found a couple of new festivals, added a few new bands to our playlists and generally broadened our horizons musically ( much more to come on that in future posts )

And yes, I have still been doing a little crafting, much much less than I used to. I toyed with the idea of giving it up and freeing some space by getting rid of all my craft clutter  stuff, but the feeling didn't last long. 

It may take me a little longer to actually get started, but once I have all my pretties out on the table, I remember just how therapeutic it is to have a craft and play session

This is my most recent creation, a card for my lovely friend Sue

I know this is a bit of a 'mixed bag', but you know what it is like to have so much to catch up on that it is difficult to know where to start

A very sensible person once said "just start", once you get going, the fear of the blank page disappears and the rest is much easier, how true this is. Now I have a million ideas running through my head and rather a lot of photos on my hard drive, no excuses then !

Back soon

I promise


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

To all you lovely mums out there, whether you are mums of children or mums of fur babies

Thinking of all those people who have lost their mums and can no longer give them a hug, and all those mums who have lost children, bless you all

It wasn't until I became a mum myself that I realised just how hard mums work, to keep families together, to keep everyone happy

My mum is one in a million and I couldn't have had a better teacher, friend, guardian angel

Happy mothers day mum, I love you more than words could say and I couldn't be prouder to say that you are my mum

Here is the card I made for my mum

I used a brand new die and my favourite stash of papers for a subtle and very feminine card

I also made Neil's mum a card, she's definitely not a pink person so I opted for fresh spring colours and flowers, who doesn't like flowers on Mothers day

And me...... I got three gorgeous cards and some lovely gifts and I spoke to them all, I miss the older two like mad and really wanted to give them both a hug but I will have to wait patiently until the end of May and the end of uni

What did I opt to do for my special day ? We took the doggies to the beach of course !

It has been a beautiful, bright and sunny day, so we spent the afternoon, beach combing, walking and playing in the sand

Look at Bruce's face, sun on his back, sand in his paws, ball in his mouth, the absolute picture of happiness

I am so blessed, my mum, my children and my fur babies all very much at the fore of my mind all of the time but especially today

Happy Mothers Day



Monday, 20 March 2017

Golden Anniversary (Part 2)


 I am back with the second of the two Golden Anniversary cards I made for my friend Margaret

I went for a slightly vintage, shabby chic style for the second card, I wanted it to look soft and romantic

Neil and I are exactly halfway to our golden anniversary, we celebrate 25 years of marriage in May and Neil has already got lots up his sleeve

We have a weekend in London and a couple of special gigs lined up, I can't wait !

Love and marital bliss