Friday, 22 December 2017

Leaning on the lamppost .......

 Tonight I have a mixed bunch of christmas cards, a batch of 5 similar ones, and then two fun ones

First up I have these lamppost designs, decorated with a variety of flower and foliage dies

This next one was made for my postie, I don't generally use toppers, but, I had this little postbox one squirrelled away and it seemed perfect

I didn't have any suitable embellishments for this card and it looked a little bit plain with just the topper and sentiment so I created these little envelopes out of scraps of card, the postage stamps were made from teeny tiny squares of patterned paper

My postie went above and beyond the call of duty a couple of months ago when I passed out at the front door. I was fine, just got up too quickly, blood rushed from my head and I slid down the wall as the poor chap tried to hand me a parcel

Bless him he caught me before I hit the floor and supported me until he could rouse Neil, who was still fast asleep

Poor man was shaking like a leaf when I came to, I couldn't let his kindness go unnoticed

This next one is for my lovely hairdresser Paige, she is an absolute hero as everyone else shies away from trying to turn my stubborn hair blond. My tresses tend to want to go brassy and harsh but Paige works miracles every time I go and I am so grateful for her patience. 

Paige is the very proud owner of a gorgeous little dachshund, so, when this stamp came into the shop in the summer I  knew the perfect person to send it to

I created the tiny christmas hat by hand and the tree is a wooden ornament from The Works

Everything is ready now, all the cards have been posted, I have one little gift to hand deliver tomorrow and the rest are all wrapped and bagged in santa sacks ready for the big day

The food shopping is done, we drove to Truro yesterday, with Robbie, to finish the last minute errands

I treat myself to a couple of pretties to decorate the dining table and we devoured pasties as we enjoyed the lights, market stalls and festivities around us

We finished with a quick wander around Waitrose where I bumped into Lenny Henry ( almost literally - I can't steer those darned trolleys, even the posh ones !) 

I am forever nudging Neil and saying "ooooh doesn't he/she look like - (insert famous person here)" only for Neil to say "that looks nothing like ( said famous person )"

Only this time I was right, and, there was no mistaking who the extremely tall, very well dressed and softly spoken gent was, he had a little trail of star struck shoppers peeking around the aisles at every turn
Me, I had a one track mind - mustn't forget the christmas pud and the Prosecco !

I still have quite a few cards to share, I ended up making quite a few more than the forty I had originally intended, as we received a few unexpected ones this year, lovely little surprises which I wanted to reciprocate

Love and happy holiday wishes



  1. I love all the different creative cards just from one lamppost die, you have given my an idea for next year|| hope it was just a one off that you fainted and you wont be making a habit of it xx

  2. Beautiful cards, love the lamppost idea. I like all the hand cut/punch art details you've used in the last few posts - v positive outcome from your downsizing. You seem to be developing a theme of crashing into /onto lovely men. GO GIRL.


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