Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thoughts on thursday

Never has this saying been on my mind more than in the recent few weeks

Neil and I have enjoyed the three 'children' being home for almost three months, our new home search and summer holiday was spent with them, altogether

The living arrangements have changed dramatically from our last home of ten plus years, to the temporary abode of the caravan for five weeks and now our new home

We have all had to make some serious adjustments and have had to literally live on top of one another, especially in the caravan 

We roughed it a little when we first moved into the empty house as none of the furniture could be delivered for three days - picnics on paper plates, borrowed chairs and old fashioned unplugged entertainment

But it was an adventure and we had some good old belly laughs and some truly heartwarming moments as we all pulled together and made it work

And I was once again made aware of just how wonderful and resilient kids can be,  grounded and content, all pitching in and helping, going with the flow and I counted my blessings

Our recent relocation reinforced the realisation that it really doesn't matter what kind of house we are living in, or indeed whether it is a house, it makes no difference where in the country we settle or what we possess materially, the true meaning of home is where our children return to be safe and loved and happy

This last couple of weeks has been a wrench after such an exciting and busy summer

Robbie was the first to head back to Liverpool, he wanted to get a head start on the job hunt, he has an interview for Anfield ( bar work not football) and is hoping to supplement his student loan with some finances of his own

Amy left for Leeds yesterday, her course starts soon and another train took one of my babies away, two empty beds and a little less noise/teenage clutter in the house

And last week AJ started his new school

I have seen a massive change in AJ over the summer, his confidence has grown, he has become chattier and healthier

The first week was a little traumatic, he got lost a couple of times, was blanked by all the girls and ignored by the boys

Friday was a turning point, with a friendly encounter on the school bus followed by a warming up from the boys in his group

They are letting him in slowly, but for a while my heart was breaking, I can only imagine how hard it must be for a 15 year old to start a new school, but he soldiered on, kept smiling and accepted the challenge

All summer I have heard parents saying they can't wait to get their kids back to school, and all I can think is that I can't wait for mine to come home

Love, wings and roots


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