Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Shades of autumn

There has been a definite nip in the air today and the skies have been a little gloomy, Cornwall is sitting under grey clouds laden with impending rain

Definitely a day to cosy up at home and potter

I have been saving glass vases of all shapes and sizes with a mind to utilise them in seasonal decorating, little vignettes with a subtle nod to the time of year

I have been lucky to come across a few at work, where I also found this cute little Gisela Graham frame

And so with autumn in mind, aromas of cinnamon and vanilla wafting from the pot pourri, I set to work

The vases were a little grubby but a good wash with fairy liquid and a dash of vinegar had them sparkling once again, I halved the pot pourri ( bought from our local 'The Range' which is a five minute drive from our house) and distributed between the two vases

The round vase sits on my dining table, with my napkin holder, on top of my cotton and lace table runner (from TK Maxx)

The taller more oval vase sits in one corner of my kitchen, along with the frame

I printed some word art onto a piece of scrapbook paper using photoshop to position and vary the fonts

A very pleasant way to while away an hour

Love and little vignettes


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Pupdate - the adventures of Bruce and Molly

A gentle stroll, for about five minutes along the chalk track, beside the railway line and stream opposite our house, you will come across a sheltered little park,  nestled between our local football team's home ground and a public basketball court

It's the perfect little sun trap, safe from any roads or hazards (Molly is capable of finding the most innocuous place or item, and, turning it in seconds to a life and death situation)

This is the home to Bruce and Molly's newest adventure

The trials of the tennis ball

Bruce is smart, he knows that to be able to chase the ball (which he loves) he must bring it back

If he catches it or gets to it first he leaves Molly standing

And he brings it back, and Molly follows, and it all starts all over again

Sometimes (usually when Bruce is totally knackered), Molly gets there first (or, more aptly, Bruce lets Molly bring the ball back while he has a breather)

 Molly has a totally different variation of the game which includes escaping to the nearest filthy ditch,  whereby it is a whim that decides whether she will actually keep the ball or leave it in said filthy ditch ! Or will she run and not come back, instead, sit on the perimeter of the field waiting with a grin, whilst, in exasperation, me, Neil or Bruce ends up having to go to her, whereby she will sidestep past us ( she must have been taking note of the footballers next door ) and run hell for leather into the farthest corner at the other end of the field, or,  she will she get totally sidetracked, drop the ball mid-play  and go off to investigate the nearest wonderful and totally mesmerising stick, leaf, rock (whatever, it matters not) !

On those rare occasions whereby she does in fact bring the ball near enough to perform a grab and go technique, we can resume play, Bruce waiting patiently, as always, as his silly puppy playmate learns the part of fetch that does indeed keep the ball in play !

Love and puppy kisses