Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Jude's card

Another card from a few weeks back ( noticing a trend ?)

This card was made for one of my lovely work colleagues Jude

Jude is a veritable font of local knowledge and has always been so sharing of that knowledge, she has helped me find some gorgeous local beaches and walks and has always made me so welcome at work

Jude loves black and white and lots of bright colours too, we share a love of art and so we always have something to talk about

I honestly can't remember the name of the papers I used here, they were from a pack gifted to me a while ago from one of my lovely friends at the shop. The flowers are all Prima and the stamp is from Stampin' Up

And yes you guessed it, I will be back tomorrow with another card for another friend that I completed a little while ago ( I am determined to get caught up !)

Love and late postings


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Sue's card

Another card from a few weeks back, this one was made for my lovely friend Sue

Sue is my boss at work, but she is also a good friend. She has gone above and beyond when it comes to Neil and I settling here in Cornwall, always happy to share tips and tricks, ideas of places to walk the dog, do some shopping or for a lovely day out. We have a very similar sense of humour and share the same values when it comes to friends, family and our furry friends, all in all I couldn't wish for a nicer boss or a more lovely friend

Thankyou for everything Sue xxx

I know Sue loves lime green and she is a very feminine lady, so I loved making this girlie card with lots of flowers and beautiful colours

I used K and Co papers, Prima flowers and Nestability dies

Back tomorrow with another girlie card for another friend

Love and friendship


Monday, 28 November 2016

Deacon Blue

Warning : this is a long, non-crafting post

Saturday 19th November 2016

On the friday Neil asked me if I would like to do a little Christmas shopping in Plymouth

I love Plymouth so it was a given that I would say yes

We set off early to make the most of the day

We wandered around all the shops and made a few small purchases, the Holland and Barrett in Plymouth is fantastic and we were finally able to find Amy and Ben's vegan advent calendars. We spent most of our time inside Drake Circus but also ventured out into the radiating shopping streets.

We enjoyed a spot of lunch at Yo Sushi ( love their Katsu curry!), and it was here that Neil told me he had a little surprise, he had bought tickets to see Plymouth Argyle play our home town Grimsby.

We headed back to the car to drop of our shopping and pick up our warmer clothing (yes he had even thought ahead and secretly packed our winter coats, gloves and scarves in the back of the car )

It was my first ever trip to Plymouth Argyle, Neil has been with the boys several times and likes to support them when he can

It was bitter sweet match, Plymouth really didn't give it their best and were disappointing in their lack of effort to be honest, but Grimsby won 3-0 and I felt pretty pleased for them, they definitely deserved to win, their fans made a massive amount of noise and I couldn't help but feel proud along with them

And boy was I glad that Neil had brought my warm clothes, it rained steadily heavier and heavier as Plymouth caught the tail end of storm Angus

We caught the bus back to town, as the rain and wind just get heavier and heavier, we ended up diving into the nearest bar to seek refuge and to refuel

What a lucky break we got !

We ended up in Revolution, we have never been in one of these before but I can affirm it won't be our last time there

The staff were attentive, friendly and super helpful, very happy to accommodate my vegan needs.
The food was absolutely gorgeous and they even gave us an umbrella at the end of our meal so we wouldn't get so wet on the next leg of our little day out.

It was at Revolution that Neil let the last secret slip, he had bought tickets to see Deacon Blue and Plymouth Pavilions

The Pavilions were a two minute walk from Revolution, so we headed back out into the weather and braved the now deluge

It was worth it. Deacon Blue were amazing, they took me straight back thirty years, they haven't lost their charm or their sound and the whole place sang along to the classics.

We had awful weather, our football team lost, we got locked in the 24 hour car park by mistake and then some prat hit our car on the way home ( no damage to us or the car thank God), but it was honestly one of the best days out we have had in a very long time. Probably because I shared it with my best friend, the man who thinks of everything, gives unconditionally and can make me laugh in any situation

Thankyou Neil, I love you


Disclaimer, all the above images are copied from google, I am not taking credit for any of them, I would have needed an underwater camera to get any decent photos !

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Yoda and Darts

I am not really one for creating themed cards, my preferred cardmaking and scrapbooking style is very girlie, floral, with a touch of shabby chic

But, alas, every now and then girlie doesn't cut it, especially when making cards for very masculine friends and family of the opposite sex

These are a couple of 'themed' cards I made this year

First up Yoda for my lovely son-in-law, Ben

Ben is into all things Star Wars, I have made him 'music' themed cards in the past as he is also massively into his music, but this time round I went for something totally different and very fun to make

All the elements on the card are dies or punches, it was loads of fun trying to get all the shapes to come together

And this second card was for my friends hubby who is massively into his darts, he recently celebrated a milestone birthday

I printed the dart board from a google image and all the other elements were die cuts and punches, the darts themselves were hand cut as I just couldn't find punches to suit the job

Although my 'go to' style is really an explosion of flowers, pearls and all things feminine, I do love to think out of the box and stretch those 'masculine' creative muscles every now and again

Love and macho crafting

Sunday, 13 November 2016

I'm Back !

3 months have passed since I last blogged and I honestly can't tell you where they have gone

We had a fantastic summer with all the kids home, they all worked locally and earned a decent wage to take back to uni with them, overdrafts temporarily being cleared and some spends to treat themselves with

We had a glorious summer weather wise, it was warm and sunny for the most part and we got out when we could

The lack of blogging has been mainly because I have had a rejig of the room in which we keep the computer and the computer was put away until I could decide how I wanted everything rearranging

When we moved in, I temporarily arranged all my craft stuff in the conservatory with intentions of it being a craft room. But, to be honest I prefer to be in the main living room with Neil, so, I have had a move round, bought a couple of new storage units and purged a lot of my craft goodies

So, now, after much rearranging, the computer has been put back in place, in the conservatory, on top of a new bureau, well new to me, actually a lovely oak bureau, a bargain from a local charity shop

Aside from this one piece of furniture we have now turned the conservatory into a designated pets room ( how those fur babies are spoiled)

They each have their beds in here with their toys etc and I am planning on giving it a new coat of paint and some fun accessories in the new year once all the christmas festivities are over

So there you have it, three months have passed and the only major excitement has been the furbabies getting a bedroom all to themselves !

Here are a couple of cards I have not yet shared, the first was the Fathers Day card I made for my dad back in June and the other one was a fun one from the pets for Neil

I used a variety of Stampin' Up punches for the dogs and cat, I tried to make them each look like Bruce, Molly and Sox, with varying degrees of success ( looking at it on screen now I am struck by how Sox looks more like a gremlin than a cat - ooops !!!)

I promise to not be another 3 months before blogging again

Love and furry fun