Friday, 5 February 2016

Happy Birthday Rob

20 years ago we were delighted to meet our second born , our first son and one of the happiest babies and toddlers you could wish for

Happy birthday Rob, love you

Masculine cards are my least favourite to make, especially for young men and adolescents

Looking at images for inspiration on my phone I suddenly had the idea to actually create a replica iphone, et voila !

I used a charcoal grey pearlescent cardstock for the base and the image of the actual screen was found on google images, I just imported it into a photo editing programme to add the appropriate text.

Some of my favourite photos of Rob from last year

Playing football golf at St Austell. Robbie is quite competitive like his dad ( AJ and I are just happy to make it round the course in one piece without losing our ball) but he also has a fantastic sense of humour and is quick to see the funny side of any situation, we had some proper belly laughs on this day

Sat quietly in the caravan when we first moved here

Having fun at Perranporth beach with AJ and the dogs, they threw a ball about for a couple of hours and it was heartwarming to hear them laughing like the little boys they once were and having so much good clean fun, totally unplugged for once !

Roll on Easter break, missing my kids already

Love, frogs and snails and puppy dog tails


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  1. Great card, what a fab idea, which I'm sure I'll be 'borrowing' (more like nicking)
    Lovely photos


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