Sunday, 7 February 2016

7 On Sunday - Our Week in photos

Hello and happy sunday 

I am trying to make an effort to take more photos and have decided to do a little round up of the weeks events in photo form

Cheating slightly as one of the photos was from ten days ago but it was an event I hadn't yet blogged but still wanted to remember

1. Daffodils, these were from my local Co-Op, at £1.00 a bunch it is hard to resist adding a little spring cheer to a corner of the kitchen

2. We have found a brilliant local source for hardwood, kiln dried logs ( thankyou for the link Sue), so our woodshed ( yes we have a woodshed) is now fully stocked, and we are all ready for cosy evenings tucked up in front of the log burner

3. Molly and Sox. I am still taking Molly to puppy training, she is a typical Lab in that she is still very puppy-like and full of mischief but she is not a typical Lab in that she will NOT be coaxed with treats, she is not a greedy dog so rewards at puppy training have to be varied and bizarre, silly voices seems to be working right now, I dread to think what all the other mums think, Molly is definitely the class clown and is far too sociable for her own good, coupled with my silly voices and abandoned piles of treats tempting all the other doggies it's a wonder we haven't been banned ! Progress has been made though, she always sits on command, will give you her paw, is getting much better at coming when called and has calmed down enough for Sox to feel safe on the same sofa.

4. Cardiff. We actually went here last thursday, it was an early birthday treat from Neil, we spent the day browsing the shops, ate more meals than should be possible in one day and then had a fantastic night watching Blackstone Cherry, Shinedown and Halestorm at one of the best gigs we have been to in a while. Cardiff is beautiful, the shopping was fantastic and I had an amazing day, thankyou Neil - love you xxx

5. Carrot cake. One of the meals we had in Cardiff was at Nandos, Neil always orders Carrot cake as it is his favourite ever pudding. Much to his dismay, the Nandos we visited were experimenting with a trial menu, lots of puddings but no carrot cake, what's a girl to do - make one, I used a Jamie Oliver  recipe and adapted it slightly to make it Gluten Free, this turned out so delicious, very moist and flavourful, I doubt it will last long !

6. Talking of feasts, February 3rd is a feast day in St Blazey, in honour of St Blaise. Our Parish church is dedicated to this Saint who was a legendary healer and Patron Saint of throat illnesses, wool combers, wool trading and animals, the park outside our house was adorned with lights and decorations and all the locals paraded down the road playing music and all dressed up, there was an illuminated sheep and of course Saint Blaise, all the local children especially the little ones were having so much fun

7. In between rain showers I have been spending a little time in the garden, all the raised flower beds have been weeded and I have added a couple of new hardy shrubs, there is still lots to do, the lawn is a quagmire and all the fences and walls need another coat of paint but I think that is going to have wait until at least we have a few dry days

Love and daffodils


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  1. What a great idea, and haven't you been busy! Cardiff IS a lovely city - I just don't get much time to wander when I'm there. surprised you haven't been before as it is just 'around the corner' lol
    The St Blaise 'do' sounds fun (very Midsomer, minus the murders, thankfully)
    Hope to see you soon! xx


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