Sunday, 14 February 2016

7 on Sunday - Happy Valentine's Day

 Happy Valentine's Day !

It's a day of double celebrations here in our house, I always get extra spoiled as it is my birthday too - lucky me

Here is our past week in photos

1. Valentine flowers from my lovely hubby

2. Yummy steak meal out today, total surprise as we hadn't planned on going anywhere,  but the sun was shining and so off we went, called in to the local garden centre on the way home and added a little colour to the garden with some super bright and cheerful primroses

3. Shrove Tuesday brought the obligatory pancakes, it never goes uncelebrated in this house, the variation this year being the addition of blueberries and fresh Cornish Clotted Cream in place of the traditional lemon and sugar topping we normally go for

4. Centre stage is the lovely little Lily - Amy's hamster, we have been looking after her as she couldn't go back to Uni with Amy this last time and we said our goodbyes this week, she fell asleep and didn't wake up bless her. She was such a sweet little thing. She has been buried in the garden and a new little shrub has been planted there in her honour

5. This is how the dogs often sleep, nose to nose - they are so close and protective of each other, all our furbabies get along so well, it really is heartwarming to witness

6. Another little valentine treat from the hubby - my favourite ever chocolates, he also bought me Prosecco to wash them down with - that's why he's a keeper !

7. When we moved home, one of the things I was concerned about was being welcomed by the neighbours, us being foreigners from up country and all that - but I had absolutely no need to concern myself. We only have neighbours on one side and they couldn't be lovelier. Mary and Colin introduced themselves to us over the garden fence when we first moved in and have been so kind and thoughtful from that day on, nothing is too much trouble and they are both so warm and open. Every time I see them they make me laugh. Today Mary came round with a birthday card and these lovely plants for my garden, she has also been saving me seeds and always thinks of me when she sees any bargains I might be interested in, love her to bits already !

This is the card I made Neil for Valentine's day

My husband, my best friend, my soul mate

Love and loving wishes


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