Sunday, 13 November 2016

I'm Back !

3 months have passed since I last blogged and I honestly can't tell you where they have gone

We had a fantastic summer with all the kids home, they all worked locally and earned a decent wage to take back to uni with them, overdrafts temporarily being cleared and some spends to treat themselves with

We had a glorious summer weather wise, it was warm and sunny for the most part and we got out when we could

The lack of blogging has been mainly because I have had a rejig of the room in which we keep the computer and the computer was put away until I could decide how I wanted everything rearranging

When we moved in, I temporarily arranged all my craft stuff in the conservatory with intentions of it being a craft room. But, to be honest I prefer to be in the main living room with Neil, so, I have had a move round, bought a couple of new storage units and purged a lot of my craft goodies

So, now, after much rearranging, the computer has been put back in place, in the conservatory, on top of a new bureau, well new to me, actually a lovely oak bureau, a bargain from a local charity shop

Aside from this one piece of furniture we have now turned the conservatory into a designated pets room ( how those fur babies are spoiled)

They each have their beds in here with their toys etc and I am planning on giving it a new coat of paint and some fun accessories in the new year once all the christmas festivities are over

So there you have it, three months have passed and the only major excitement has been the furbabies getting a bedroom all to themselves !

Here are a couple of cards I have not yet shared, the first was the Fathers Day card I made for my dad back in June and the other one was a fun one from the pets for Neil

I used a variety of Stampin' Up punches for the dogs and cat, I tried to make them each look like Bruce, Molly and Sox, with varying degrees of success ( looking at it on screen now I am struck by how Sox looks more like a gremlin than a cat - ooops !!!)

I promise to not be another 3 months before blogging again

Love and furry fun


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  1. Hi Tracey, lovely to see you blogging again, and to know you've been having a good time. Your cards are both fantastic. Love the furbabies, so cute.Looks like you had a lot of fun creating it. Gorgeous card for your dad - do I spy those fab Serenity papers? Keep well


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