Friday, 18 March 2016


The glorious weather continues here on the South Coast of Cornwall this week

We have had plenty of opportunities to take advantage and make the most of the warmer air, calmer seas and azure skies

We have spent most our time on our nearest beach  - Par Beach, and the dogs have been playing with lots of the local dogs, Bruce is more interested in his ball and the sea to be fair but Molly has to meet and greet every single dog she passes. 

We walked a different way back to the car and found this sea-water stream, you can just see Bruce looking for his ball, he dropped it and it rolled into the water, fear not, fearless Molly was the first to hurl herself in, closely followed by a slightly more cautious Bruce

The ball was recovered and the dogs followed the stream back up through the dunes and to where the path joins the car park

Before coming home today we spent a few minutes near the pond

Where I was soon to meet the locals

This friendly fella was the first to say hello, they are quite brazen around this pond as they are used to people and more importantly that they are often thrown titbits

The swan you see in the distance on the road was still there when we drove past and I have no doubt that, judging by his complete nonchalance, is still sat there preening himself now 

And this beauty settled right by me as I took in the view 

As always, my eyes were peeled for treasures as I wandered the beach and I came home with several delightful chunks of driftwood

Perusing pinterest as I ate my lunch - I hoped for some inspiration for my little pieces of wood

I am aiming for some small little objets d'art but was totally awe inspired by these fantastic pieces

Absolutely breathtaking horse by Jeffro Uitto

And this stunning creation by Paul Baliker , you can click on both the artists names to go to their websites

I will leave you with this quote, also found on pinterest

If you are lucky enough to live by the beach, then you are lucky enough !

 Amen to that ! 

Love and driftwood dreams


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