Sunday, 13 March 2016

7 on Sunday

Our week in photos

1. For the first half of the week the weather was a little damp and dreary but the second half has been fantastic, the sun has shone and warmed the days beautifully, we have enjoyed lots of trips to the beach again this week and have managed to shed a few layers, no need for coats !

2. The dogs favourite part of the day is 'seaside time' but coming home is a little less cheery, these two soggy and glum little faces peep over the backseats of the car, eyes pleading for another five minutes in the surf

3. My first Cornish pasty of the year and bloody good it was too, why on earth did I wait until March ???

4. AJ received happy mail from school this week, he achieved 97% in the first part of his mock exam and his teacher sent this note of encouragement - very proud mum moment

5. Amy's bedroom is coming along nicely, all the magnolia has now disappeared and been replaced with lovely crisp and clean white, there will a little splash of colour added in the form of her accessories, will share photos once Amy has seen it herself 

6. Today saw my first paddle of the year, been dying to dip my toes in but it has been a little too chilly up to now but today was lovely. I kept my wellies off all afternoon, I have so missed the feeling of sand between my toes

7. I stopped going to Slimming World about a month ago, Neil has had loads of appointments lately and we have had plenty going on at home too so I have decided to do it myself at home. I have put a couple of pounds back on since  I stopped going to group but am ready to reign in the snacking and go back on plan. I find it much easier if I menu plan and buy in only what I need. I have lost a total of 1 stone and 2lbs but would ideally like to lose at least one more stone ( I am not sure the Cornish pasty I devoured at the beach today would have been the healthiest choice - but you do have to live a little !)

Love and sandy toes


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