Saturday, 11 February 2017

Sandy paws and salty licks

Yesterday was our first foray onto the beach this year

These gorgeous blue skies tempted us to don our warm clothes and venture onto the sand

It was actually a little breezy and definitely blew away the cobwebs, you can see the surf rolling in behind Bruce as he waits for the ball to be tossed back into the waves

Molly did the usual and buried and then 'discovered' her ball leaving little holes all over the beach

We wandered from one end to the other and back again, Bruce dashing in and out of the water, Molly my little partner in crime searching for flotsam and jetsam

We found this gnarly driftwood, far too big for Molly to play with but texturally beautiful 

And this chunk of Maritime debris, rusty and redundant, all the way from Manchester

Molly loves exploring, just like me - look at that happy little face ( unfortunately she gets so excited by her new finds she often loses her ball !)

Heading back, wind in our faces, two happy pooches and all the cobwebs completely blown away

The nearest I will ever get to a selfie ! This one was an accident, but look at that beautiful sky

Love and salty kisses


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