Friday, 29 January 2016

Last of the Christmas 2015

2015 was our first Christmas in Cornwall

We did most of our Christmas shopping at Truro, I never tire of seeing this beautiful Cathedral

The last few of my christmas cards

This one was for a commission, I made it for our decorator to give to his girlfriend, he wanted something with the theme of Tim Burton, what could be better than Jack and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas !

Ben and Amy are completely besotted with all things animal, so I made them a card with penguins

And mum also adores penguins, so this was my card to mum and dad

All the kids made it home for Christmas. Ben and Amy came a couple of days after as they spent Christmas and Boxing day with Ben's parents. They travelled down in the car, got stuck for five hours at Bristol services,  lots of little things went wrong, lost car keys, dying phone batteries, bumbling AA men, etc etc - honestly it was like a scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but they got here eventually and Robbie came home the week before

Seeing Robbie ( on the left in the photo below ) made us realise just how much AJ has grown in the last couple of months, must be all that good clean Cornish air ! You wouldn't believe the taller AJ is four years younger than Rob when you look at the photo - and yes his hair is always like that !

And it was our first ever Christmas with our lovely little lab Molly, look at those beautiful eyes

We bought both the doggies glow in the dark bandannas for Christmas, they look so cute

And my big softie Bruce, awwwwwww

I hope all my friends and family had as lovely a christmas as we did

Love and looking forward to the new year


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