Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Christmases past

As promised I have a few of the christmas card designs I created for last years Christmas cards

These four were all variations on a theme, lots of layering and die-cutting 

These first four were made for the lovely ladies I work with at the Cornwall Hospice care shop, they have all made me so welcome and I love my monday mornings, we are endlessly busy but always end up having a giggle and quite often cake !

All the ladies I have worked with have taken me under their wing and have helped Neil and I find out all the best local shops, pubs and places of interest, everyone is super friendly in our little town

We all enjoyed a lovely Christmas meal out at one of the locals, it was originally a just a meal but most of us ended up staying for the pub quiz, what an absolutely brilliant night ! It's funny sometimes how the least planned events seem to turn out the best, we didn't win, didn't even come close on most of the categories but we had such a laugh, the Prosecco flowed and if we were being judged on fun then we definitely won!

My lovely 'boss' Sue ( who is coincidentally the least bossy person I know) , Margaret and I ended up with an extra bottle of Prosecco somehow at our end of the table and all I will say, is, the tea towel Neil bought me as a joke definitely came to mind

Just for you Sue 

All new friends, people I will learn more about and spend more time with as the weeks pass by, people I never knew six months ago but who are already a big part of our new lives down here in Cornwall

But not forgotten are my old friends from up country, cherished friends who have kept in touch and who thought of me and my family at christmas time

One very special gift I received came by the way of Jan

She came to stay with us one weekend before christmas and brought with her this adorable little book

Tee book is made up of little envelopes, each containing a handmade tag

All the little tags had been decorated and each of them had a little message handwritten on the back from Jan's class members who were my old class members and friends

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed receiving this gorgeous keepsake, thankyou so much to all the lovely ladies who contributed, my gift took pride of place on my special bookshelf for the whole of December and most of January, it is now tucked away for safe keeping in my memory box

Thankyou for all our cards, handmade and otherwise

Love and belated baubles


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  1. very late, I know, but I've only just seen this post. So glad you liked the little book. We had fun making it, and it certainly reminded us of old times. xxx


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