Saturday, 26 September 2015

Great Cornish Food Festival

What a beautifully sunny day it has been today, warm and bright, a cloudless sky lifting spirits and helping shed layers of clothing

We headed out to Truro today to sample the delights of the Great Cornish Food Festival and we certainly weren't disappointed

Crowds of 40,000 were predicted over the weekend and whilst Truro was quite busy we had no trouble exploring everywhere we wanted and the large marquee housing most of the stalls was comfortable and easy to navigate

We ate inside the marquee for lunch, Neil tried the paella and I sampled the chowder, both were absolutely delicious and were cooked in front of us in huge dishes bubbling away and wafting wonderful aromas all around the tent - who could resist !

The rest of the shopping area didn't seem much busier than a normal saturday and we wandered the cobbled streets in peace

There is some beautiful architecture in and around Truro, this lovely stone building now houses Barclays bank but I can imagine it having a much grander history

The bunting was out and looked stunning  fluttering against the cloudless cerulean sky

The spires of the cathedral just peeping over the roof tops as we sat and awaited the park and ride bus

We paid a pound each to park and ride to and from the city centre and I can highly recommend the service, we always use it now as it is so regular, easy and cheaper than actually just parking

And did I succumb to any delicacies you may ask

I was actually quite restrained but came away with just a few new treats to try

Some lovely large duck eggs

Drakes pudding, which is similar to hogs pudding but made from duck instead of pork

And a couple of tubs of  flavoured Cornish sea salt, we sampled most of them but ended up buying the garlic one and the onion one as we thought they were most versatile, but, having seen some of the recipes on their website I have a feeling I might be going for the complete collection

You can check them out HERE

We have enjoyed a fabulous day today and are now home and cosy, settled in for the night with only the outcome of the rugby to think about

Love and foodie fun


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