Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Slimming World Update

First the stats :

Starting weight on 5.8.15 - 13st 3.5lb
Current weight 30.9.15 - 12st 9lb
Lost 8.5lb

So, I am losing on average a pound a week

Doesn't seem much, but, when you put it into perspective, at that rate, I will be almost a stone and a half lighter by christmas

I am aiming more for a new lifestyle, healthy eating that I can maintain without feeling like I am deprived or 'on a diet'

So far so good

Here are some of the meals I have been enjoying ( most of which my family have been eating too - no complaints so far !)

Beetroot risotto, salad and a dollop of fromage frais

Slimming world pizza ( the base is actually chicken and it was so yummy)

Gammon, egg, spinach and potato rosti stacks, mushrooms and roasted cherry tomatoes

A favourite for lunchtime, wholemeal toast (HexB) with spicy beans, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes

Garlic and herb chicken, homemade coleslaw and salad

Fruit salad, fat free yoghurt and crumbled pecans, I sometimes have one of these for pudding or as my breakfast

Wholegrain Ryvita (HexB) , with Laughing Cow Light spread cheese (HexA) ham and pickles

Cooked breakfast with grilled tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, beans, Drakes pudding and a ducks egg

Fruit salad with fat free yoghurt, a large banana and an Alpen light bar (HexB)

Large vegetable stir fry with home-made and syn free chinese sauce, with meringue, lemon yoghurt and dessicated coconut for pudding

Overnight oats - these are so lush and more like a pudding than a breakfast and I have had them for both

Crab salad and a bowl of home-made spicy butternut squash soup

I have found that the Alpen Light bars are lower in sugar, lower in fat, lower in calories and higher in fibre - gram for gram than the Hi-fi light bars AND they are currently on offer at both Co-Op and Poundland, so that means they are also half the price of Hi-fi light bars - it's a no brainer, so as you can see I am stocked up for quite a while !

One of the little tasks I set myself each week is to prep all my fruit and veg for the week and store in tupperware in the fridge, it keeps nice and fresh and is all ready to go should I get an attack of the munchies

I have found this little tip saves me time and saves me syns as I don't reach for something that is easy but naughty

I tried a couple of days on the SP plan last week and felt that although it was quite restrictive ( no carbs ie potatoes, bread, pasta, rice) I did feel better in myself on those days, less bloating, more energy and I did lose 2lbs, even though I had a couple of meals out and a few extra syns here and there

I am going to try and do a full week of SP this week to see if it makes much difference to my overall feeling of well-being and of course to see if it does in fact give me a little extra boost with the scales

Stay tuned, I will let you know how I get on

Love and happy eating




  1. Hi Tracey, well done you! And your pics are gorgeous, I can't believe they're diet food! Love the heart shaped bowls too.
    Love to you all
    J xx

  2. You really are doing so well. I adore that you give SW ideas on your IG account.


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