Sunday, 30 August 2015

Annie Sloan Altered Drawers

Before moving house, my friend Carole and I had a little craft shopping spree, our local 'The Works'  were selling some beautiful scrapbook papers at a very reasonable price, I also couldn't resist this little set of wooden drawers, the whole unit measures approximately 12 inches square

Along with many a bargain, this small unit ended up being stored away semi-forgotten, until I needed a 'trial run' kind of project to test-drive my Annie Sloan paints

I used the white and the French Linen with the clear soft wax over the top

And the finished drawers - et voila !

They now reside in AJ and Rob's room, housing all manner of teenage boy treasures, as they match the much larger pieces I have since completed

I was really happy with the washed out, beachy look and they perfectly complement the boys room, but I must warn you - this shabby chic, Annie Sloan phenomenon is dreadfully addictive, I find myself deliberately looking for ugly or unloved furniture just so that I can perform a mini-makeover.

Love and a lick of paint


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