Tuesday, 18 August 2015

All booked up

This beautiful oak bookcase was my 'new home' gift from Neil

Doubly special, because, not only was it a complete surprise, it also houses my entire collection of Charles Dickens as though it was made for them

My grandad left me this collection, he wanted me to have something special to remember him by and asked me whilst he was still with us what would mean the most to me

I cannot picture my grandad without him being surrounded by books, he read voraciously and helped impart a love of reading to my younger self, he taught himself a vast knowledge of history, geography and endless other subjects through his love of literature

Being a naval man grandad also had a love of the coast and water in general, another trait he passed on to his granddaughter. He is always in my thoughts especially when I can see the sea and smell the ozone, so this bookcase with its nautical shape, snugly creating a special home for my beloved collection of the books, I know have been held in his hands, read and enjoyed, will be treasured forever

The bookcase has pride of place between the two higher windows in the centre of our sitting room

I am storing my cookery books and stationary in the drawers and cupboard below the shelves

Not enclosed in the cupboard and currently in the kitchen are :
Phil Vickery's Seriously Good Gluten Free Cooking
Ella Woodward's Deliciously Ella
And my Slimming World magazine and Simply Summer recipe books

I have been slowly cooking my way through these in turn, I am in love with my new kitchen and all its appliances, cooking has never been so much fun ( there will be more about Slimming World in a separate post)

Finally, on my bedside table this week, I have :
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn ( yes I know - I am seriously late to the party with this one)
and Nothing to Lose by Lee Child

I have just finished Gone Girl, I didn't seem to have time to read it when the hype first started.
Absolutely brilliant book, I really enjoyed the writing style, the twists and turns and the clever way the author developed the characters with her choice of language. But the jury is still out on the ending, it was unexpected and seemed a little hurried to me. I enjoyed the fact that the book didn't tie all the ends up completely and didn't follow the usual conclusions but I didn't enjoy the final couple of chapters as much as the rest of the book ( I daren't say any more as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't yet read it - if there is indeed anyone left !)

And my latest Jack Reacher. I am still working my way through the Lee Child collection, in no particular order. Lee has a very specific style and follows a formula with these novels which may become predictable I am sure, but they are my version of what I like to call 'brain dead entertainment'. They are the literary equivalent of  Die Hard and to be honest they are always a page turner for me. I don't have to think too much, no need to concentrate and I can pick them up and put them down in between other activities, perfect to intersperse with more thought provoking reading matter. And who doesn't love a little murder and mayhem once in a while ?

One criticism, not with the book but with the film, who the Dickens thought Tom Cruise could possibly fill the roll of Jack Reacher ? Jack is 6"5', muscle bound at 250 lbs and has a 50' chest !!! Tom is most definitely not - come on casting guys - what were you thinking - Hugh Jackman anyone ???

Love and written treasures


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  1. what a lovely gift! Perfect for your Grandad's Dickens. Such a sweet thought. happy reading


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