Monday, 11 September 2017


Neil and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary back in May

I wanted to make him a keepsake rather than a card, so crafted this little exploding box

When the lid is removed three layers of pages flop outwards

Each of the pages is embellished with a pocket, in which to hold tags

I made 25 tags in total and wrote on each of them a little message

25 tags

25 years married

25 reasons why I love him

There are many more

We decided to spend the day together pottering around Padstow

Loved this doggie made from wellie boots

We headed to the harbour first then meandered around the tiny streets

We stopped at Rick Stein's for lunch. I love Rick Stein, have watched most of his shows and was looking forward to the experience

Sorry Rick, we have enjoyed better fish and chips in Grimsby ! It wasn't awful but it wasn't the best we have had either, and, for the price, I would have like to have eaten from proper plates rather than the cardboard it was served in

We then drove a short distance to Port Isaac

We really liked it here, it was still off season so not too busy

We don't watch Doc Martin so didn't partake in the hunting down of all the sites from the TV series but we did enjoy it for the picturesque fishing village it is

After a quick wander round the shops at Wadebridge we headed back home for an Italian meal

Neil asked me if I would do it all over again (meaning marry him) and I said yes I would

He then presented me with a stunning new wedding band

(see - he's definitely a keeper)

We spent the evening with our lovely friends Sue and Paul at Fowey and discovered a fab local band Assassins of Silence

We had decided at the beginning of the year to celebrate our anniversary this year with music, we both love mostly the same kind of thing so choosing gigs we would both enjoy was a breeze

That is a whole other blog post though as this one is getting rather long, so I will leave our gigging adventures til next time


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  1. Just lovely! Fab box you crafted there, gorgeous photos, and what a super way to spend your anniversary. Belated congrats on 25yrs xxx


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