Friday, 1 July 2016

New addiction - Bullet journalling

Good morning

I am still here

Not fallen off the planet or been abducted by aliens

It's been a busy few weeks

Robbie is home from uni and has been job hunting whilst down here. He handed his CV's in at all the local pubs and ended up getting lots of job offers, four of them full time. He chose the Rashleigh Arms in Charlestown as they also offered lots of training with certificates at the end. He has been working there a fortnight now and loves it. It is an award winning restaurant, pub and B&B so the training is first class, the wages are good and the staff are lovely. They know he is going back to uni after the summer and are happy with the arrangements. If nothing else it will be a good addition to his CV

Mum and dad have just gone home after a fortnight here with us. We have been busy doing nothing more than eating, chatting, catching up and generally spending lots of time together, the best kind of time

I have been working hard on the garden, made some changes this year, dug a new border and started planting it up, I will post photos once it is looking a little less barren, all the plants are babies at the moment so it will take a good while for them to become established

We have been back to the Eden Project for another of their 'sessions', this time to see Lionel Ritchie, he was fantastic, so many hits and such a huge personality, he came across as very genuine and quite funny, a good night all round

Now for a little update on my crafting, cards and scrapbooking have taken a back seat to my new obsession - Bullet journalling

I will go into more depth about Bullet Journalling in another post, but as this one is already getting quite long I will leave you with some of the pages I completed in May

The bullet journals equivalent of a yearly calendar, I started journalling in May so my calendar doesn't run from January

Each month you create a monthly calendar, a place to note down important dates, anniversaries, appointments etc, I also add a little brain dump - somewhere to jot down things on my mind

You can also include pages that track things you have done throughout the year -  travels, books read, movies seen etc

And then you can make weekly and / or daily logs
Lists of things to do/ have done, daily tasks, thoughts etc

I started out doing a short to do list and a daily journal entry and also included some challenges but my bullet journal is evolving and I now have a slightly different, simpler set up, I will share my newer pages soon

I also track my water intake daily as I know I don't drink enough, the handy thing is, you can work out how much you have on average every day ( 2.5 glasses last month) and aim to do better the following month

This last page is one of the daily challenges that runs each month, the challenge runs on instagram and the theme is different each month, I absolutely love doing this kind of challenge

The ultimate goal of bullet journalling is to create a more ordered and organised life, simply and easily, less stress and more productivity

Well to be honest I really don't have any stress and being retired I can more or less do as I like when I like, but the downside of retirement is being slightly aimless. Days just blur from one into the next, but bullet journalling has helped me keep track of things I want to to do, I have a slightly more organised day and I am getting much more done as a result. I Don't think I am ever going to be one of those super organised people but hey ho I am extremely happy dancing to my own tune, and, if nothing else, I have a really pretty diary and an excuse to doodle and colour whenever I damn well like !

Love and little scribblings

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