Thursday, 2 June 2016

Cardinham Woods

Come walk with me, let Molly and Bruce guide us 

Today we are going to stroll around Cardinham Woods, 15 minutes away from our house 

The girls at work have been telling me how wonderful the woods are but, until I got there myself, it was hard to imagine what was so special about them. Well, all I can say is that they were not wrong, the woods are truly outstanding

There are plenty of trails to follow, all clearly signposted so you can't get lost, for both walking and cycling

Lots of children's activities for all ages, stick man trails, badger clubs and all manner of nature inspired games

A couple of child play areas

And a beautiful old stone cottage that is now an excellent cafe 

Streams meander through shady passes, beautifully clean and bubbling over boulders and branches

There are quite a few wood carvings hidden here and there

We chose to go on bank holiday monday and the weather was uncharacteristically glorious, and, although there was plenty of people visiting, we spent most of the time on our own, the woods are so big it's easy to find a little seclusion, peace and quiet

Bruce and Molly, always a little way ahead, lead the way.They are both so good off their leads now, super friendly with all other dogs and their recall is good now too, they forge ahead but never let us get out of sight

Bruce waiting for us to catch up

What are you doing down there Mum ?

And just in case you are in need of refreshment,  the Woods Cafe. We didn't use the cafe we took pack up and ate it along the way in a quiet spot, a sunny little nook nestled in the trees

If you are ever in the Bodmin area, it would be a crime to miss this stunning scenery, Cardinham Woods will definitely be a regular haunt for our family, I can't wait to show Amy and Ben

Love and leafy loveliness



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