Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Gorran Haven with BA and LJ

I received a phone call a few weeks ago from my lovely friend Joan, she rang to tell me that she and her equally lovely hubby Alan were visiting Cornwall and would we like to meet up. I couldn't have been happier, marking the date of arrival on my calendar and looking forward to catching up with our dear friends

Joan and Alan were staying a little further down the coast, just past Mevagissey in a little harbour town called Gorran Haven

Our friends arrived on the saturday and we agreed to meet up for Sunday lunch at one of our local pubs

Lunch was delicious and five hours later we were still sat there catching up on all the news

We had such a wonderful afternoon and decided to meet up again on the thursday, this time in Gorran Haven, Neil and I hadn't been there before so it was also a chance to discover another little stretch of the coastline

We met at the cottage Joan and Alan were staying in and walked down to the harbour 

Just to the left of this photo, on the harbour was a little eatery - The Mermaid Cafe, we sat and chatted, had lunch and then decided to take a little stroll along the coastal path

Joan and Alan never stop smiling, they are like a tonic and we had such a wonderfully relaxed afternoon

We left the harbour and followed the path around the cove

Looking ahead, it was pleasantly warm but not sunny, at least it stayed dry for our gentle coastal amble

And of course we took time to take in the views, almost all of the path is beribboned with white 'bluebells'

Even on this relatively dull day the sea was a lovely turquoise colour

We didn't venture too far on the path, turning back after a little while and heading back into town

We took a slow wander around the narrow streets and up to the local hotel for a nice cold drink

Back at Joan and Alan's holiday cottage, we took a moment to capture our special day

I hope it's not too long before we can all meet up again

Love and special friendships



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