Friday, 27 November 2015

Get well wishes

I made this card a couple of weeks ago for one of my dearest friends who is currently quite poorly

The very worst thing about living at the other end of the country to most of my friends and family is not being able to dispense hugs so easily

I used Melissa Frances and Stampin'Up  papers and some fabulous webbing which my lovely friend Carol gave to me a long time ago, I am very frugal with it as I love it and have not found any to replace it with - it only lands on very special cards and gifts

The large pink flower was a hideous purple to start with but it was the only one I had that size, so I set about it with inks and embossing powders 

Sending much love to my dear dear friend P, love you xxx

In other news

We have just enjoyed our very first non-family house guest by way of Jan
Thankyou so much for coming Jan, it was so nice to catch up with all the news, thankyou for the gifts ( I will be sharing the gorgeous tag book on my blog for everyone to see) and thankyou for the inspiration, but most of all thankyou for your company xxx

Molly has started puppy school

If there was an award for the naughtiest puppy each week, such an award would be going to Molly - hands down, or should I say paws down !!!

And.... drum roll please, I have actually started making my christmas cards - before December no less . Will be sharing them soon

Love and healing wishes


Friday, 6 November 2015

Birthday Girl

 Happy birthday Amy

Today saw my beautiful daughter turn 22, I know I say it and think it every single time a birthday comes and goes but I honestly have no idea where the time goes

Amy is staying with my mum and dad for the week so her card and gift were sent and I am saving lots of hugs and kisses for when she comes home at Christmas

This is the card I made, Amy is a massive animal lover and her favourite of all living creatures since she was a baby is the rabbit, she cannot resist anything at all bunny

And the most recent photo I have ( stolen from Instagram of course )

I hope you have had a wonderful day sweetheart, I know Granny and Grandad will make you feel special

We couldn't be prouder of our daughter who is as beautiful inside as outside

Love and birthday kisses